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Pubsearch lets you search for any pub, bar, nightclub anywhere in the world!
To create an account, just click on “register” at the top right of the website. Enter your name and email and password and you will receive an email to confirm your registration. You can also register with your Facebook account by clicking the blue “Login with Facebook” button. You will be then redirected to Facebook to log into your account.
Once you have created an account, you will be able to leave reviews on businesses, collect badges and give your opinion on the different types of beers from all over the world.
When you are physically visiting a business in person, you can check in and collect the badge of the business. The badge will then appear on your profile. To check in, just click on the check in icon on the bottom right of the business page. You must be within 3 to 10 meters of the establishment to check in properly.
To leave a review, just log into your account and visit the business page you want to leave your review on. Once on the page, go to the bottom and you will see the appropriate area to leave your review. You can leave 1 to 5 star review and related text. Please be as clear and concise when leaving your review.
The following behavior isn't allowed on Pubsearch:
  • Posting things that don't follow the Pubsearch Community Standards (ex: threats, hate speech, graphic violence).
  • Using Facebook to bully, impersonate or harass anyone.
  • Abusing Pubsearch features (ex: leaving multiple fake reviews about businesses that you ave never visited). Overusing features could make other people feel uncomfortable or unsafe. As a result, we have limits in place to limit the rate at which you can use features.

When something gets reported to Pubsearch, we review it and remove anything that goes against the Pubsearch Community Standards. We don't include any information about the person who filed the report when we reach out to the reported. Please keep in mind that reporting something to Pubsearch doesn't guarantee that it will be removed.

If you see something you don't like on Pubsearch but you don't think it goes against the Community Standards, learn what you can do. If something isn't working on Pubsearch, let us know.

If you've reported something, you may have the option to check the status of your report sent to your registered email address. Learn more about how to use the support ticket system.

Your account should represent you, and only you should have access to your account. If someone gains access to your account, or creates an account to pretend to be you or someone else, we want to help. We also encourage you to let us know about accounts that represent fake or fictional people, pets, celebrities or organizations.
A fake account is an account where someone is pretending to be something or someone that doesn't exist. Fake accounts can include accounts for fake or made up people, pets, celebrities or organizations. To report a fake account just send an email to and we will respond in a timely manner.
Feedback from the people who use Pubsearch has helped us redesign our products, improve our policies and fix technical problems. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. Please send all comments and/or questions to

Business Owners

Your business is listed on Pubsearch ? Great! You can claim your business in a just few little steps. First, click on the “Claim this Business” link at the top left in the page of your listed business. You will then have a pop-up where you are prompted to log in or register. If you already have account, just log in first and proceed back to the page of your business. Click on the “Claim this Business” link on the top left of the page. You will then have a pop up that will ask you for your information and credit card details.
Once you have claimed your business on you will be able to add and edit all the information on the page such as images, business description and opening hours. You will also be able to link and add all of your Facebook events to your page. Furthermore, you will also be able to add all of the types of beer you have on tap at your establishment and provide your customers all the accepted methods of payment.
Claiming your business on Pubsearch cost 39$ per year *per business claimed. Owners can pay via credit card or by Paypal.
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Yes. You can claim more than one business on the same business owner account. Each business will be billed at 39$ extra per year. Each claimed business will be billed individually every year.
If you fail to renew your claimed business on, your business page will be automatically suspended and you will not be able to edit any information on the page. After 30 days, the information that was added on your page will be deleted.